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Tired of washing your hair everday? Here’s a solution…

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Many people find that in the summertime, when the weather is hot and sticky, their hair tends to get oily faster than usual.  Washing your hair everyday can get old, especially when you have to take time to style it, too!  If you can dry up the oil on your scalp, you won’t need to wash your hair as often.  The creators of Kairos Acne Care Solutions have developed a skin care line that not only helps treat and prevent acne, but also allows for more days between shampoos because it keeps the scalp and skin from producing too much oil.  They offer a special “Pore-Perfecting, Oil- Reducing Scalp Treatment.”   During the hot summer months, or just for those with very oily hair, it keeps the hair looking cleaner longer.

Here’s how the scalp treatment works.  With the pointed tip applicator, squirt lines of the product in three or four rows and then massage into your scalp.  Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing.  There is no need to pull it through the hair, just treat the scalp.   Remember, reducing the oil on your scalp makes your face less oily, too.  So if you suffer from midday oiliness on your face, the Kairos Oil Reducing – Pore Perfecting Treatment may be just what you so that the only shine on your face throughout the day is your beautiful smile!

Get rid of acne before summer!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

In recent years, “bacne” has become a common and acceptable word that refers to the irritating, unsightly and often embarrassing acne that occurs on the back.  Although it hasn’t made it into Webster’s, Wikipedia has welcomed the term into its dictionary.  Bacne isn’t usually a troublesome issue for most people during the cool autumn and cold winter months when clothing can easily conceal the problem.  However, as spring and summer approach, those pesky bumps do become irksome when you want to wear your brand new bathing suit or adorable, new little tees.  And, why is it, that the breakouts always seem to show up right above the line of your favorite summer shirt?  Well, instead of buying new shirts to conceal those uncooperative blemishes, let’s get down to the basics of WHY you’re getting them and HOW to avoid it!  As most of you know already, hair care products are a huge culprit to acne breakouts on the back.  Especially for girls with longer hair.  In our before and afters, you can actually tell where the girl’s hair ends… it’s where her acne ends! For guys who wear gel or hair glue, this can be a real problem for the neck and back as the product drips down in the sweat throughout the day. Even rolling around on your pillow night after night, if you don’t wash the products out before you go to sleep, can be a bacne culprit.
As summer approaches and the weather heats up, for most it means more sweating. The oils that are on your hair and scalp will travel downward! Also, if you are putting a ton of oils on your head and hair in your haircare products, you will subsequently have an oilier face, neck, back and chest where blemishes will thrive. (your scalp and face are connected, remember?  the skin is one big organ… the largest one, as a matter of fact!)   Obviously, showering shortly after exercise or being out in the hot weather is essential, but also using Kairos Acne Care Solutions offers an easy way to avoid blemishes all together! When you use Kairos and sweat, acne-fighting and noncomedogenic ingredients travel downward!  Those ingredients actually treat and prevent bacne rather than cause it. Kairos offers a win-win solution in the fight against bacne!

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