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Are you in the red with rosacea?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

While acne and rosacea are different diseases, they are linked and similar because they are inflammatory conditions that have no cure.  However, the symptoms can be treated effectively and should be treated before they worsen.  If you have some of the following symptoms, you may want to see a Dermatologist for further evaluation…

1.  Does your face flush easily?

2.  Do temperature changes make your face turn redder than most people and last longer?

3.  Do you have redness on your cheeks, nose and chin that won’t go away?

4.  Does your face stay red for a long time after you experience stress or eat a spicy meal?

5.  Do you have sensitive skin?

6.  Do your eyes get watery/bloodshot or burn?

Rosacea, if left untreated can lead to vision problems so it is important for you to get evaluated if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.  If you think you have rosacea, some simple lifestyle changes can help.  Like many other diseases, stress can exacerbate your rosacea. Reducing and avoiding stress can help limit flare ups.  Pay attention to your routine and keep a journal to find out when your rosacea becomes worse.  Limiting the aggravating culprits will help minimize your symptoms.  Sunglasses are a must for eye protection and rosacea sufferers should always wear sunscreen to protect their face as the sun can cause flare ups, also.  We would certainly be remiss if we didn’t mention how many of our Kairos Acne Care Solutions users have found that their rosacea has improved since using our hair care products.  Remember, it is an inflammatory condition, and Kairos is built to fight inflammation!

Laser Treatments – Talking apples to apples

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Many people are choosing laser treatments for their acne and acne scarring.  Having worked for many years in one of the busiest laser centers on the west coast, I saw some BIG mistakes being made by the consumer.  Comparing prices of laser treatments can be a tricky business.  You can get huge discrepancies in pricing but that doesn’t mean that one doctor just charges more than the other.  There are different ways to use the same laser.  Some doctors are more aggressive than others and do “more pulses” (firings of the laser)  More pulses = more $$$.  More pulses, however, typically mean better results.  Some doctors do “more passes” (layers of pulses)  More passes = more $$$.  More passes generally mean better results.  (this is “generally speaking”… some lasers would harm you if you do too many pulses and passes, so don’t demand more to try to get your money’s worth!)  Here’s a typical scenario – Dr. John Doe may do 100 pulses and distribute those pulses one time over the face (one pass).  Dr. Jane Doe may do 500 pulses and distribute those pulses over three passes (three times around the face).  So, there you have the same laser being used, but the intensity of the treatment differs significantly, as do the results, as does the price.  The bottom line when choosing a doctor and a laser treatment is research, research, research!  Here are a few pointers to get you started in your quest to find the perfect doctor for your laser therapy…  remember, make sure you’re talking apples to apples when purchasing a laser treatment!

-be sure that the doctor you choose is well educated and experienced in laser therapy.

-ask how long he has had the laser he is going to use on you and how many patients have had the same treatment. (some offices have before and afters so that you can see the results of other patients)

-be sure that all staff performing laser treatments are licensed to do so as laws differ from state to state.  (i.e. in the state of California, it is unlawful for anyone but an RN, NP, PA or MD to perform laser treatments.)

-ask how long the technician has been performing laser treatments.

There are many other questions to be asked before you choose your doctor and your treatment.  Study and research before you take the laser leap!

Sun and Acne – Short fix can lead to long-term problems

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Many people with acne love to lay in the sun because their acne “dries up.”  It is true, I even remember thinking so myself when I was a teenager.  If I had to have acne, I was going to have “tan” acne.  I felt like my breakouts were less obvious if they were on a sunburned face.  The old saying “if I’d have known then what I know now” flashes in my head.  What I didn’t realize was that all of that sun exposure was slowly damaging my follicles and making them weak…. and MORE prone to acne!   Over time, I have committed the worst of skin crimes, weakening my skin’s defenses.  While we’re on the subject of sun and skin, the dreaded “bacne” (back acne, for those not familiar) becomes a huge annoyance in the summer months.  Of course, everyone wants to frolic freely in their bathing suits and tank tops without worrying about an ugly blemish on their back or chest.  Hair care products are the culprit for MUCH bacne.  Especially if you have long hair.  Even you short-haired peeps, listen up!  Your hair doesn’t have to be long to cause bacne.  All those oils that drip down when you sweat can wreak havoc on your back.  Kairos Acne Care Solutions is a MUST for summer months!  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the risk of skin cancer when I am talking about sun exposure.  SPF of 30 or higher should be worn at all times.  Make sure you get your skin checked regularly by a Dermatologist, as it only takes a few minutes and it could literally save your life!

We survived the AAD Convention! What a ride!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

So we did it.  We survived three days of the most incredible displays of skin-ware we have ever seen.  Every new concept of skin improvement was being touted and explained while sales reps desperately attempted to get the attention of the some of the 10,971 physicians strolling the aisles looking for something new to offer to their patients.  It was some of the best people watching I have ever experienced.  By the third day, we were able to differentiate between who the doctors were, who other reps were, and who doctor’s wives were… before they ever came to our booth.  There’s a certain look that doctor’s have.  Somewhat intense with a confidence in their mission.  It took some fancy and clever marketing to get their attention, but they absolutely loved Kairos!  We were more well received than we could have ever imagined.  We spoke to over 400 physicians and introduced our new concept in acne management… the forgotten factor – hair products!  We were so surprised that so many physicians were extremely complimentary to us and thanked us for coming up with a solution they have not been able to offer their patients until now.  Many of them are going to carry Kairos Acne Care Solutions in their office!

The Competition is Fierce at the AAD!

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Kairos at the American Academy of Dermatologists

Ok, so today we went to set up our booth at the American Academy of Dermatology convention.  We were so excited to finally be in Miami, ready to show our wares to all of the 10,000 Dermatologists that will be attending.  Well, our wide eyes must have told the whole story as we entered the exhibit hall.  Utter amazement is the only way we can describe how we felt walking into this literal “skin city.”  The big dogs like Proctor and Gamble, Neutrogena, Pfizer, Galderma, and Clinique only to name a few, have erected “pseudo-corporate headquarters” touting their products.  Their muscles are flexed to the hilt, I’ll tell ya.  There are water shows, neon light shows along with puffy, comfy couches that lure the customer in to relax their tired feet.  One laser company hauled in a $100,000.00 AirStream Trailer and parked it in their booth space.  REALLY?  Who thinks of this stuff?  For some reason the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” kept running through my head as we watched yet another bigger, better, louder exhibit go up.  There is some FIERCE competition in this skin industry… thank goodness Kairos is an innovative, new product that speaks for itself without all the hoopla!

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