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Acne tip for guys only…

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

So, I admit, I am a girl who likes guys with shorter hair.  Not that I don’t like guys with long hair, the majority of them just don’t know how to style and take care of it.  I actually am a fan of the spiked look or shorter hair with gel.  I just think it looks cleaner and makes a guy look out-of-the-shower fresh.  If a guy knows how to take care of his long hair, then it’s all good.

There are ALOT of guys who use hair gel!  After working in a very busy acne clinic for many years, we saw a ton of them!  Or, was it just that the gel was contributing to their acne so much so that that is what brought them to the Derm.  Regardless, we saw many guys who didn’t realize that their hair care products (gels, mousses, hairsprays and some shampoos and conditioners) were making their acne worse.  This is one of the things that prompted us to make a hair care line that not only prevented acne, but also treated it.  Hair products inevitably end up on the surrounding areas of the scalp (face, neck, back and chest) and can wreak havoc on those areas.  Kairos Acne Care Solutions spiking glue and clear style soft gel will not aggravate acne, and in fact, will help treat and prevent acne in any area with which it comes into contact.  How’s that for a miracle product?  Try it and become a fan… we have many!

10 days until the American Academy of Dermatology Convention!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

So Kairos is venturing out into the world of Dermatologists.  So many of our customers are asking where they can get Kairos Acne Care Solutions.  (We completely understand that no one likes to pay shipping costs, so we are working diligently to make our products available to you.)  Getting them into stores takes time, so we decided to cut to the chase and just get your Derms to carry these necessary products for you in their practices.  We will be exposing Kairos to 10,000 Derms next weekend, so wish us luck!  Any of you “expert convention goers” feel free to give us tips on how to work it at the trade show.  We welcome all advice!

Simple “at home” tips for reducing acne

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

The acne battle can be fought on the home front using a few simple tips from acne experts and Kairos Acne Care Solutions founders Doreen Campbell, RN and Catherine Parker, NP.

First, a very simple tip is changing your pillowcase more often.  Oils from your hair care products and also just your natural production of oils create a loop of contact from your pillowcase back on to your skin all night long.  Many of the oils in hair care products create a slick and shiny look for your hair, but when those oils get on your face… YUK!  Who wants slick and shiny skin?  Definitely, not acne sufferers!

That brings us to our next tip.  Why use hair care products that can aggravate your acne?  Kairos Acne Care Solutions offers a line of seven hair care products that are completely safe for acne sufferers.  They contain only safe oils and also contain acne-fighting medication so that not only do they prevent acne, they also fight existing acne!  Then you don’t even have to worry about your pillowcase, you can roll around in Kairos all night long and let it heal and prevent breakouts.

Third, you must evaluate your diet.  Many people think that foods like chocolate, greasy foods, or sodas cause acne breakouts. When, in reality, there are no studies that prove that is the case.  What has been proven is that the hormones that are added to our dairy and meat products can definitely increase acne.  If you are a dairy or meat lover, try switching to organic foods instead and see if that doesn’t help reduce your breakouts.

Fourth, simple relaxation is a must!  Stress causes an increase in hormonal release, and as we just mentioned, hormones can wreak havoc on acne.  Just some downtime everyday to regroup and relax can work wonders for our appearance!

Fifth… this one is for they guys!  Tired of those nasty bumps on your neck after shaving?  Try using an electric razor instead of a straight-edged razor.  Also, make sure you shave everyday so the follicles don’t become irritated!

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